Tapuz provides packaging, transportation and transportation solutions for various items, mainly art items and industrial products.

Personal attention

Tapuz has a rich and diverse experience in transporting works of art of all kinds. Tapuz designs special packages according to the dimensions of the equipment its customers want to transport. All this - along with personal attention, courteous, reliable and professional service and strict adherence to timetables that were coordinated in advance.

Service above all

Tapuz has been dedicated to providing personal and professional service at the best possible level, both logistical and bureaucratic. Tapuz operates around the clock to meet its high threshold. With Tapuz you can be sure that the shipment will reach its destination professionally, carefully and quickly.


Tapuz was established as a family business, after its owner gained 50 years of experience in the field of international packaging and shipping. The small family business grew, expanded and accumulated many customers. Gradually he was transformed from a small business into a well-known and successful company in its field of expertise.

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Tapuz with you all the way

Tapuz specializes in the design and manufacture of special packaging and customization for the needs of its customers.

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Our customers

"In both packaging and transportation, the employees of Tapuz demonstrate great skill and professionalism, accuracy and attention, and excellent adherence to the timetables, In this respect and in terms of its professionalism and reliability, Tapuz is warmly recommended. "
Irit Tal
Senior Curator, Tel Aviv University
"I would like to congratulate Tapuz for their professional work, patience, peace of mind and work, and the team that came to my house worked efficiently and professionally and managed to pack all the contents in one work day. I wish there would be more companies like Tapuz
Moti Reif
Fashion and communications producer
"I would like to point out that all the work, packaging and meticulousness of preserving the works and meeting the times are carried out by the flawless Tapuz team, and I strongly recommend Tapuz to perform any work that requires professionalism, responsibility and reliability."
Shraga Edelsburg
Registrar, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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You can contact Tapuz’s offices and arrange a meeting. The representatives of the company will be happy to reach the house or business, to examine its needs and to give a quote without any obligation, and without any payment.