Since its establishment, Tapuz has been specialized in transporting and storing art items of all kinds


Our skilled staff accompanies the shipment at every step of the process and ensures that the item reaches its destination while maintaining its integrity.


The equipment is transported by special transport vehicles, which are specially designed for transporting art objects. Each vehicle is equipped with a special air conditioning system, in storage areas and even padded and coated with various materials, in order to protect the items being transported.


The professional team designs the packaging: Tapuz has high quality packaging materials and special crates that are built in the company’s carpentry shop and are coated with various materials designed to prevent shocks and maintain the item well.

Reaching to you

Tapuz’s experts come to the client’s home or business and inspect the equipment for transportation.

How It Works?

Tapuz works with museums, galleries, artists and private collectors, and provides them with packing and moving services for complete objects, exhibits and exhibitions from Israel and abroad. Adapting conveying solutions is a dynamic process that requires professionalism and skill

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